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Sales Tax & Customs

Fashionrespublica.com will take responsibility for all taxes and customs duties for countries such as the USA, Canada, Japan and all the EU countries - for those destinations, no extra-fee will be charged on delivery. To check if we will pay taxes and custom duties on orders to your country, simply view your shopping bag (it must have at least one item in it), select the destination and shipping method of your order, and you will see if duties and taxes are paid by fashionrespublica.com or by the customer.

Sales Tax Information

Sales tax applicable to New York state residents fashionrespublica.com is required to collect NY sales tax on taxable merchandise shipped to NY addresses.
We are not required to, and do not collect the sales and use tax of any state other than NY state.
Your purchase may be subject to the use tax in the state where you reside;
Your purchase is not exempt from use tax because it is made over the Internet or by other remote means;
The state (other than Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon) where your purchase is used requires you to pay the use tax to the state tax authorities, which should be able to provide appropriate forms and instructions on the web site each maintains.